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Leitz Laminator Pouch A4 250 Micron [Pack 100] Ref 74810000



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Leitz UDT lamination pouches provide hassle free and jam free lamination. These premium quality pouches offer robust protection from dirt, liquid and moisture and feature Leitz Unique Direction Technology. UDT ensures the pouch is always inserted in the correct way with direction arrows that disappear after lamination. No jams or ruined documents due to incorrect use of the pouch. These pouches are suitable for use with Leitz iLAM laminators and are suitable for use with all laminators, just check the size required.

  • Transparent, ultra-premium, glossy laminating pouches for airtight, water resistant preservation of documents and photos, drawings, thin plant samples and bookmarks
  • Long lasting protection, enhanced rigidity, rounded edges for effective sealing and a clean attractive finish, tear resistant due to nature of material, 250 micron thick film for a greater level of protection
  • Guaranteed seal, ideal for usage with most A4 laminators, protection of documents from liquids, moisture, dirt and grime
  • Easy to follow instructions for hassle and jam free lamination, with distinctive direction technology, direction arrows disappear after lamination
  • A4 size is ideal for notices, instructions, photos and frequently handled documents
  • Pack size 100
  • 250 micron (125 micron each side)
  • Easy feed with Unique Direction Technology - direction arrows disappear after lamination!
  • Easy to follow instructions for jam free laminating
  • Glossy finish for enhanced colour
  • Long-lasting protection for your documents from dirt, liquid and moisture, high rigidity
  • Perfect for all laminators
  • 216 x 303 mm (for A4)


Type Laminating Pouches
Manufacturer Esselte
Brand Leitz
Colour Clear
Size A4
Finish Gloss
Thickness 250 micron
On Promotion No
Dimensions 216x303mm
Pouches in Pack 100

£32.04 exc VAT

£32.04 exc VAT

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